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Our VertiMax training program will help athletes increase their speed and explosive output during athletic movements. No other program achieves results faster period. 

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Edge Program

We combine basketball skills training & development, strength and conditioning and VertiMax jump training to help your athlete build strength, stamina, agility, explosiveness and stay ahead of the curve.


Skills Training

The Edge program is a comprehensive 8-week program designed to get your athlete prepared to dominate the court. 



What Our Costumers say

Coach John has really been instrumental in my son, King McClure's development since the eighth grade. John helped him to develop his skills so that he could be more of an asset not only on offense, but also on defense. He helped King to add the mid range to his game along with taking the ball to the hoop and finishing it with a dunk or a floater. We thank John for being there for us when King needed him the most during that phase of his development. - Leroy McClure

Being a part of Hoop Workshop has been a great benefit to my Jr's development. Coach John has been an amazing Mentor. I will always be grateful for all he has taught my son. - Chris Royal Sr.

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