They need an edge

We will develop and keep your athletes skill set sharp.

The EDGE program is a complete basketball training system. The EDGE includes our proven basketball skills development program and our well-known VertiMax training system which makes athletes faster and more explosive.

Training sessions will be in small groups players and like skill level.
We offer 3 sections for skill level: NCAA (ages: 6 – 8), G-League (Intermediate skill level) and NBA (Advanced skill level). A player will advance to the next level by demonstrating increased skill level.

Off-Season: Training will be designed to sharping skill sets and make sure trainees are in best shape possible. Preseason start at the end of August and run until the end of October. Off-season is from April until June. Off-Season training will be conducted during the week to not conflict with AAU tournaments.

In-Season: During this time we are focused on maintaining strength, keeping skills and techniques sharp. We like attend school basketball games to evaluate players to make adjustments to their training. In-season training is from November to March. In-Season training will be conducted on the weekend to avoid conflict with the school season.

Dedication requires you to work on your game when the gyms aren’t crowded.

Our Training Principles

Basketball I.Q

Developing skills is not enough to have a edge on the competition. We make sure every athlete has great understanding of the game and how to rapidly read & react to game situations. Our trainees are more productive players.

Mastery of techniques

We say our trainees go to work on the court. We make sure our trainees have a complete toolbox of skills.
We cover shooting form, Ball Control and Defensive footwork. Taking athletes from beginner to pro-level abilities.

Physical Preparation

We can build athletes stronger, fast and jump higher! We are focused on producing functional strength and improving quick twitch muscles . We have design a powerful strength & conditioning basketball program

Our location

Our main training facility is the Duncanville Field House. We are working on coming to Mansfield and Plano.  

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